While You Pay Attention To Your School Ditsrictís Everyday Needs,
We Will Test Your Compliance Levels.

With reporting changes that have occurred and that are anticipated in education we understand that you may be considering alternatives to the way your schools have operated in the past. Perhaps now is the time to evaluate the way you manage the business of education. We will gladly supply you with a referral list we have previously serviced.

We offer research, understanding, and a common sense approach to assist public schools in attaining the level of fiscal management required. Mr. Milot is a professional accountant who has been servicing, auditing, and consulting for schools for over 25 years. His intent is to provide you with the knowledge and the expertise to deal with the ongoing changes faced by todayís educators. The Massachusetts Department of Educationís regulations require you to display certain levels of fiscal responsibility. Adhering to these regulations provide educators with methods to assure the public at large that appropriate safeguards are in place.
Services to schools and their personnel are offered at various levels:

1. We conduct audits of any and all funds. This list includes appropriations, federal and state grants, revolving and student activities accounts.

2. We instruct school personnel on how to prepare for audits, how to maintain records that will be subject to audit, and what forms of documentation are required when the accounts are audited.

3. We have prepared a manual that details how to manage and document the records of student activity accounts, in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 66, "An Act Relative to Certain Student Accounts".

4. We critically analyze existing policies and procedures and methods of documenting revenues and expenses in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws. Written reports are provided as a result of our engagements.

5. We can assist related entities as requested, e.g. teachers associations, parent teacher organizations, booster groups, etc., in all areas of financial management and particularly in regard to aspects of the Internal Service Revenue Code as related to obtaining and maintaining non-profit status.

6. We also have several years experience auditing educational collaboratives and similar entities.

At Edmund R. Milot, CPA, we can empower school districts not only to survive but to excel in the future.

We provide a one-to-one client relationship and follow-up consulting as appropriate. Our client satisfaction is paramount and we offer each client an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction on all services. Furthermore we pledge to uphold and advance the standards of our profession and to provide service to the full extent of our resources.

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